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Yes, the customer service is the best! I was a little worried that I would run into a scammer or receive a doll that didn’t match the photos online. I received my doll last week and it looks exactly like the photo. 100% legit transaction! Just so you’re not completely surprised, I’m telling you this. She does not cook, clean or wash. Lastly, I want to warn anyone thinking of buying this doll. However, she is really great.

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Yes, awesome customer service. I received it last Friday. Delivery was fast and well kept. I would definitely recommend it if you don’t have enough space or just want to start with a smaller doll. The doll has a beautiful head and just the right body proportions. It’s just right from the boobs to the hips, etc. We had a wonderful time together this weekend. This was an excellent choice for my first doll as I am new to the doll world.

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